Faq - Payment

Visibility of payments with Payment


The Payment is a Nimbi application that permits a greater visibility of the flow of payment, process of measurement, and issuance of NF-e.

To check the payments registered, navigate to My Historic > Payments.

Locate the desired payment through the search area or through the list of registered payments.

  • Expected: Payment is expected to be made, but not yet scheduled.

  • Scheduled: Payment has been scheduled by your customer.

  • Confirmed: The payment was made by your customer.

To check the schedule, go to My Historic> Payments > Select the desired payment.


When accessing the payment, navigate to the Dates panel.


To download the desired invoice, navigate to My Historic > Invoice > Access the desired invoice.


When accessing the invoice, in the General panel, click Download to get the .XML file or click Export PDF to get the PDF document.

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