How to realize an Anticipation?

How to realize an Anticipation?

After the approval of your registration with the financial company, to make advances, navigate in Advances > Select Invoices.

The invoices with the possibility of anticipation are listed in the step, 1 - Select Titles.

To search for specific notes it is possible to use the search area and search for: Invoices, Title or Statement.

Note: For better searches use the advanced filter where you can search by date of issue or range of values.

Locate the desired note or title and click on the arrow to select them.

After selecting the notes, see the anticipation data in the Anticipation Summary panel.

In this panel, it is possible to consult the Total Available for Anticipation, the Average Rate and the Total Receivable.

Click Next to follow Step 2 - Choose deposit conditions and account.

In the list of Financial Institutions, select the desired financial institution and the deposit account with the respective financial institution. Click Next to proceed to the last step.

In 3- Check Antecipation data, check the selected securities, your account data for deposit and discounted amounts.

According to the values ​​presented, click on Anticipate.

After making the advance request, follow the status of your order through the Advances option.