How to approve or return an Order?

How to approve or return an Order?

If you are an Approver user, configured to act on Buy application, notifications will be sent by email and also on the portal, alerting that there are documents pending your approval.
There are several ways to know what is pending and to make an approval:

EMAIL NOTIFICATION - You will receive an email with a link that will direct you to the document to be approved.

TOOL NOTIFICATION - A tokens alert icon will pop up a notification, when clicking will show a list of pending approval documents that will direct you to the selected order that you want to approve.

ACCESSING BUY MODULE - In Buy module, go to the Dashboard and click on Pending approval orders and a list of pending orders will appear, then select the order and approve.

Or go to Orders option and select the click on Approve or Return or the desired order, with Pending Approval status.

  • On My Orders page, on Buy module, select the desired request to approve or return.

  • Click on the title to see information about the order. Then, at the bottom of the page, click RETURN or APPROVE.

  • On the left side, there is also the Cancel button if you choose to discard the order.

  • Once you confirm the return, the order status will be Returned.