How to create Follow-up rules?

How to create Follow-up rules?

Follow-up rules serve to distinguish follow-ups, so the customer may have separate follow-ups on each new item or order.

In rules you can configure conditions that meet a specific Follow-up using Attributes + Operator + Attribute Value.

To create a Follow-up rule:

  • Access Nimbi Network;
  • Settings;
  • On Buy Settings, select Follow-up.

  • Click on + Actions > Create Rule.

  • On New Rule pop-up, create a code for your new rule, name it and select a Follow-up type
  • Select the rule’s attribute, if the operator is Equal or Different, and the attribute’s value. 
    • The attributes may be: Delivery country or Freight type;
    • Their values relate to each attribute;
    • If you want to add more conditions, click Add New Condition.
  • Click Save and Publish to publish the created Follow-up, or Save to save it as Draft


Attributes and Values are automatically created on the platform, but can also be created through the API. To have this type of configuration, contact your Nimbi Relationship Manager or our support and request it.