How to create an order with Follow-up?

How to create an order with Follow-up?

After creating an Follow-up according to your company’s needs, to create an order using it go to Buy module:

  • On Orders option;
  • Click in + Create New > Order.

  • Name your order;
  • Select the desired supplier;
  • On Type field, select a Document that has the follow up option (Turn on Follow up.);
  • Click on Next.


The Types of Documents are created and configured specifically for the needs of each company. The company administrator may request internally from Nimbi.

  • Finish your order according to the rules of the desired workflow:
    • If one of the attributes of the rule has a country as required for the shipping address, enter the address of the country in question.
    • In the following rule, the shipping address must be an address in Brazil, the type of items must be Products, and Incoterm must be FOB.

  • After filling all the fields, click Send

If the Follow-up used in the order, according to the rules, is set to show the approval flow as well, once published it will already be available in the Follow-up option on Buy module.

If it is set to show the acceptance flow, which is vendor dependent, it will be on the list after it is accepted.

Click the desired Follow-up to view more information and, if necessary, perform steps actions:

  • + Actions on the right side of the Current Situation panel.