What's a Follow-up and how to create one?

What's a Follow-up and how to create one?

Follow-up is a process accompaniment, when it comes to the Buy module, Order Items accompaniment. The platform allows the user to customize this process and can define which follow-up steps will be used.

To create a Follow-up:

  • Access Nimbi Network;
  • Settings;
  • On Buy Settings, select Follow-up.

  • Click on + Actions > Create Follow-up.

  • Select the Follow-up type: Orders follow-up or Order Items

Note: Buy module already has order item tracking, through the type of document setup.

  • Give a name and description to the created follow-up to facilitate it’s use. 

  • Select the steps for the follow-up, and then, configure the steps’ order and those responsible.
  • To change the order, click the two arrows on the left side and drag the step.
  • Select the step that will have approval process. By selecting an step with approval, this step will change to Pending Approval

  • If you want the Follow-up to have anticipation of steps, click Yes, or else, No

Note: Anticipation indicates that the configured workflow will have actions, which when executed later in the process will complete the previous steps.

  • Click Save and Publish to publish the created Follow-up, or Save to save it as Draft


Follow-up will be used for orders that have document types configured for accompaniment.

If there is only one Follow-up created, it will be used automatically. When creating others, you will need to create rules so that the rule defines which follow-up will be used on each order.