How do I set up my company's Cost Allocation?

How do I set up my company's Cost Allocation?

Important: Because it is an advanced configuration, the Cost Allocation option will only be displayed if your company has requested this specificity in Nimbi’s deployment .
It is a way of integrating the accounting and systemic flows already existing in your company, with our platform.

The cost allocation detail works as a 2nd level of account assignment, such as the management of a company.

To include these informations in your company’s buying process, on Settings > Buy > Value List > click on the Cost allocation Category tab > ADD

By clicking More > Cost allocation supplement, we have a 3rd level account assignment, such as the sectors or coordinations of a company.

After choosing the tab, depending on the level or type of accounting allocation you want to configure, click the ADD button.

Note: If desired, enable free observations for the Cost Allocations, thus generating a specific level for accounting complementation, within the category being created.
Note that if the Complement function is enabled as Free Text, each add-in must be filled in manually in new Requisitions or Orders.

Fill in the fields marked with a red asterisk (*) as they are mandatory:

When you change the status to Active, you can end the operation by clicking the Save button, so that the settings of the cost center category will be valid for your new Requisitions or orders.