Accept the Terms of Use

 Accept the Terms of Use

Upon receiving the message about updating the terms of use, access the Nimbi network to view it.

Carefully read all the points presented in the term present in the floating panel.

To continue using the platform, you must accept it.

To do so, select the checkbox that in the message that denotes your responsibility for the company, agreeing to the Nimbi Network Terms of Use.

End your subscription by clicking the Accept button.

(info) Note:  If you choose to accept the terms at another time, click Remember Later.

It is important to highlight that Nimbi has a 30-day deadline.

The Remember Later will give you access to your company's Nimbi account without having to accept the term. 

It is important to note that Nimbi has 30 days to accept the term. This deadline is counted from the moment any user of the company's Nimbi account clicks this button.

Accesses following the Remember Later action will display the Terms of Use and the remaining days for Acceptance;

Once the term for acceptance of the Term has expired, the user will only access the company's Nimbi account when making the Acceptance;

(warning) Important: If there is a Refusal on the terms, the user access to the company's Nimbi account will not be performed.

Subsequent accesses will signal the need to accept the Terms of Use in order to access the company's Nimbi account with your user, and provide the Continue button (30 days left) if it has not yet been activated.