How to create a Plant?

How to create a Plant?

If your user is your company's account Administrator, log in to the portal with your login and password.
Then go to application selection and click Settings > General Settings > Plant.

Click the Add button:

Fill in the data of the plant;
Note: Fields with red asterisk (*) are required.

Select the desired user from: Add User > Add;

Important: For the success of the operation, it is essential to have already registered the addresses and / or Registered Number (s) of your company (s) in the menu: Settings > General Settings > Addresses and Companies.

Note: This feature also allows you to set billing and shipping addresses as needed by your company. This will allow you, at the time of Plant creation, to select addresses, define the types of addresses (whether Delivery, Payment or both) and / or the companies from which your users will have access, especially when using Buy application. (Requisitions and Orders).

After selecting the addresses, you must click the Save button at the bottom of the page to complete the operation.