Set invitation token expiration

Set invitation token expiration

With the Electronic Token, you can enhance your company's information security to prevent unauthorized access from new users and / or suppliers.

Therefore, it is important to set a deadline for the email / invitation tokens to expire so that you can only access the information contained in those messages via a new email with valid tokens.

To make these settings, preferably if you are an Administrator of your company account, access the Portal with your login and password and navigate to the Settings menu and, on General Settings, select the Advanced Settings option.

On the next page, scroll down your browser and go to Security. In it, note the option: Invitation token will expire on (fill in days) (...). The value for the invitation token expiration setting defaults to 3 (days) and can be set from 1 (day) to 9 (days). Set the desired value and click Save.
Important: The day count is done on calendar days.

When the user and / or vendor accesses the invitation email link and the token is expired, the page will show the option to generate a new token under the Click Here link.

When generating a new token, the page will confirm sending the new email with a valid token.
Important: The new email will follow the same invitation token expiration setting rule you previously configured.