How to enable Two-Step access Authentication?

How to enable Two-Step access Authentication?

Two-Step Authentication is a feature that allows an additional layer of validation to be added to Nimbi Network access, ensuring that only the login owner can do so.

If your user is your company's Account Administrator, log in to the Portal with your login and password and navigate to the Settings menu and under General Settings select the Advanced Settings option:

On the next page, scroll down your browser and go to Security. In it, look at the 2-Step Verification option and enable the functionality by clicking the corresponding button:

Once you enable 2-Step Verification, each user will see the a message on their first login.

To sign in, simply install the Google Authenticator app from your smartphone's app store. From the home screen, select Start Setup and then Read Barcode:

Point your smartphone camera at the QR Code, which will appear on your computer screen and wait for it to read automatically:

Enter the Token code in the Authentication Code field on the Nimbi page and select the Validate button to access the platform:

In the next accesses to the Nimbi Network platform, after entering the login and password, the page will show the information of the Two-Step Authentication and will request the application code. Then simply launch the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone, enter the code you are viewing, and click the Sign In button to complete the platform login.