How to cancel items from an order?

How to cancel items from an order?

To cancel items from a purchase order, go to Buy > Orders. Select the desired order.

To exclude items, the order must be on Draft, Returned or Returned - Supplier status.

On Edit Order page, in the Items pane, select item by item to delete them either in the X on the right side of the item or in the check box on the left side.

*Note: Excluding all items, the order will be deleted completely, and the comment(s) assigned to the item(s) will be in the item's private comment on the source Buy Request.

A pop-up to confirm deletion of the item will appear, with a Comment field, justify the cancellation. It is not mandatory to fill in the field.
Click the button to confirm and cancel it.

  • If the Order originated from an RFQ, the item deleted from the order will be returned to the RFQ, where it can be re-awarded.
  • If it has to be canceled, the RFQ must be canceled and the item will be returned to the Documents Manager. In the Documents Manager it can be added to a new RFQ, Order or Canceled.
  • The same will happen if the order source is a Buy Request; The item deleted in the order will be returned to the Documents Manager, where it can be canceled or a new order with it.

    *Important: To delete items, the order must have the status:
  • Draft;
  • Returned;
  • Returned – Supplier.