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The module that interfaces Buy with the other areas of the company, disseminating good governance practices and increasing the productivity of the purchasing area by up to 40%.

  • Approve orders, incorporate information into requisitions and award the best supplier;

  • Analyze received proposals and manage all your buy orders;

  • Follow the entire buy process, from start to finish;

  • Define the order requests and approval workflow according to your company's rules;

  • Provide immediate access to all users in your company;

  • Monitor service execution with SES functionality to ensure service providers are paid.

In the Buy module; access the Orders option, view all orders that will be listed;

  • You can sort by "Last created date" or "First created date".

  • You can also search by Order Status.

If you want to check the orders received by your company, navigate to Buy > Orders Received:

You can identify New Orders Waiting to be Accepted, Updated Orders Waiting to be Accepted, and Orders Accepted on the home panel.

Just below you will find the available orders in a list and if you want to download the orders, select it through the selection box and click on Download the order.

Remark: If the order has been sent by your customer through Follow up, when searching for the order, click on it and in the Items panel, select the Follow up tab > click on the link in the Description column > in the FUP DETAILS Panel, you can view the entire progress of the order.

  • Draft: Requests available for editing (action that will be feasible by users with Buyer permission level);

  • In Approval: Pending approval requests (action that will be feasible by users with Approver level permission);

  • Returned: Request returned by Approver (and available for edits);

  • Returned - Supplier: Returned by Supplier (and available for edits);

  • In Approval - Waiting for ERP: Waiting for validation of the ERP (external system of a compan, used in some phase of the purchase chain), to continue the flow of approval;

  • Approved - Waiting accept: New order, whose supplier has not yet accepted;

  • Approved: Supplier already accepted;

  • Pending Approval: The order has already been accepted, but due to some change, you need a new oil.

  • Canceled: As configured workflow, as well as permission levels, only users with Administrator profile in the purchase application or the user author of the purchase order application (with Buyer profile), can cancel or change generated orders.

Draft: Requests available for editing (action that will be performed by users with Requester permission level);

Pending Approval: Request pending approval (action that will be performed by users with permission level Approver);

Returned: Request returned by Approver (and available for editions);

Waiting ERP: Awaiting ERP validation (a company's external system, used at some stage of the supply chain and integrated with Nimbi), to continue the approval flow;

Approved: Approver has already accepted;

Cancelled: Request canceled (action that will be performed by users with Buyer and/or Approver permission level).


  • By Workflow definitions, users with profiles: Buyers and Administrators can also Approve and / or Return buy Requests.

Navigate to Buy > Orders, locate and click on the desired order.

In the View order panel, details of that order will be displayed, so that it is possible to analyze and define whether to accept it or not.

After analyzing all the necessary information, click on Accept or Reject the participation.

If you wish, you can accept your orders in Buy > Dashboard;

You can identify the Approved Orders - Waiting for acceptance on the home panel.

Just below, you will find the orders available in a list and if you want to download the orders, select it through the selection box and click on Download the Order.

Note: If you want to return, after clicking on the respective button, it is necessary to inform the reason for the return and include a comment. Finally, click on Confirm to complete the action.

If you wish, you can accept multiple orders in the received orders list, through the Actions in list

If all selected orders are in Waiting for acceptance status, a Pop Up will be displayed for adding a comment and confirming the action, click > Confirm.

Note: In bulk acceptance, it is not possible to include a reference code for orders.

Navigate to Buy > Follow-Up > scroll down and the list of items will be displayed, locate and click on the desired order.

Important: For the order to have the status of Approved - Accepted on the Orders tab, it is necessary that all order items have been accepted on the Follow-Up tab.

In the list that will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, locate the desired order and click on the link in the "Code" column.

In the Current Status panel, click + Actions > Accept.

If you wish, you can accept orders through the Buy > Orders Received tab;

Correctly fill in the Delivery Forecast and > Estimated Billing Date fields that will be displayed for each item listed. After filling, click > Confirm.

Note: In bulk acceptance, it is not possible to include a reference code for orders.

Attention: To create the Measurement, there must be at least one item classified as a service.

Navigate to Buy > Orders > select the desired order.

Important: Service Measurements will always be taken on orders with an Approved – Accepted status.

Check the Reference Documents panel and click on the Measurements tab > Create SES;

On the New Measurement page in the General panel, fill in the fields such as Title and Responsible User.

The user will be responsible for validating the measurements, and may be the contract manager or supervisor;

In the Measurement Period panel, add the period that your measurement covers.

In the Items panel, select an item group for your measurement. You will be able to choose specific items within the selected item group.

When complete, click Save and view the order items to measure.

Remark: This field is editable only when the measurement is in Composition or Returned status. To exclude items from measurement, click the box to the left of the order and click Exclude.

In the Qty column. Measure, enter information about the measured service. Then go to Final Measurement and select:

  • Yes, to confirm this measurement as a Final Measurement;

  • No, if you want to define this measurement as Final Measurement.

Remark: After this action, the order will not accept new measurements.

Use the Attachments and Comments panels to add additional data to the measurement.

If you want to change the visibility of the attachment and the comment, click on the combo to set whether it will be Public or Private.

In the “Tracking” panel, the measurement status changes and the users responsible for the changes will be logged.

At the end of the operation, click Save to save the mediation changes or Submit to submit your measurement.

Upon receiving a contract proposal, you will be notified through messages via e-mail and in the notification center of Rede Nimbi.

To access the agreement, navigate to Buy > Received Contracts > click on the title of the Contracts wainting accept.

After reviewing the data, click Accept or Return at the bottom of the page.

Important: If the proposal is rejected, the Buyer/Customer can rectify it and publish it again.

To archive orders, navigate to Buy> Orders received, roll the mouse cursor down until you see the list of orders;

Select the orders you want to archive and click on the link > Archive Orders;

The Pop-Up message will be displayed and after its confirmation the order will be archived.

Note: After you archive the list orders, they will not be displayed in the standard search.

To view archived orders, it is necessary to consult them through the Advanced Filter and then select the option > View archived orders.

To unarchive the order, simply select the desired order and click on the link > Unarchive.

If you want to use the actions in the Order Download and Accept list, just follow the same procedure, selecting the order and clicking on the desired link.

For orders with Follow-Up, in case of refusal, a pending issue must be created. In this way, the customer will identify the response to the order as Refused.

Search for the desired order in Buy > Orders received > click on the desired order and navigate to the Items panel > Select the Follow-Up tab.

Then select the desired item click on the option "Open occurrence" > select the issue type.

Enter a comment and click the Save button;

According to the options applied in this pending issue, the customer will analyze the appropriate actions in the order, such as carrying out a cancellation.

It is also possible that the to-do item is created through Buy>Follow-Up > click on the desired order item that will be available in the Item Code column and on the next screen at the bottom of the screen in the Occurrences panel click on +Create Occurrence.

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