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Buy is used for the purchase processes, focused on increasing yield with more agility in your processes, with gains of up to 42% for your company. With Buy, it is possible to:

  • Have more detailed requisitions

  • Organize its catalog

  • Generate intelligent demands

  • View comparative maps

  • Follow the progress of the purchase order

To check the orders received by your company, navigate to Buy > Orders Received:

It is possible to identify in the home panel New Orders Waiting to be Accepted, Updated Orders Waiting to be Aceepted and Orders Accepted.


Tip: Use the advanced filter option to search in more detail the desired orders.


It is also possible to locate orders through the notification received by email or by navigating to Buy > Orders;

Just below, you will find the orders available in a list and if you want to Download the orders, select it through the selection box and click on Download the Order.


Note: If the order has been sent by your customer through Follow-Up, when searching for the order click on it and in the Items panel select the Follow-Up tab > click on the link in the Description column.


In the Fup Details panel, you will be able to view the entire progress of the order.

  • Returned - Supplier: Returned by Supplier (and available for edits);

  • Approved - Waiting accept: New order, whose supplier has not yet accepted;

  • Approved - accept: Approver has already accepted;

Navegate to Buy > Orders, Locate and click on the desired Order

In the View order panel, details of the order will be displayed, so that it is possible to analyze and define whether to accept it or not.

After reviewing all required information, click Accept or Reject.


If you wish, you can accept your orders at Buy > Received Orders;

It is possible to identify in the initial panel New Orders Waiting to be Accepted, Updated Orders Waiting to be Accepted and Orders Accepted.


Just below, you will find the orders available in a list and if you want to download the orders, select the same through the checkbox and click Download Order.


When trying to accept the order, if it is an order with Follow-up, go to the Items panel > Select the Follow-up option

Select the desired order > click on the Finish Step link to complete the acceptance step.


Note: If you want to return, after clicking on the respective button, you must inform the reason for the return and include a comment. Finally, click Confirm to complete the action.

If you wish, you can accept multiple orders from the list of received orders, just navigate to > Buy > Received Orders > Select the orders you want to accept and click on the link > Accept


If all selected orders have the Pending acceptance status, a Pop Up will be displayed to add a comment and confirm the action, click > Confirm.


Acceptance of orders with Follow-up is done both through the option Follow-up available in the module Buy and also through the option Orders Received, also within the module Buy.

Navigate to > Buy > Orders Received > Select the order you want to accept and click Accept;


Correctly fill in the Delivery Forecast and > Estimated Billing Date fields that will be displayed for each item listed. After filling, click > Confirm.


If any step is under your company's responsibility and action is required, you can complete it by selecting the desired items and clicking on Finish Step.

Now, if you want to accept an order with Follow-up through the Follow-up tab, go to Buy > Follow-up > Locate and access the items referring to the desired order.


In the Current Situation panel, click on Actions > Accept.



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