How to Create and Manage Contracts in Buy application?

How to Create and Manage Contracts in Buy application?

  • To create or manage new or existing ones Contracts Buy, go to Buy application > Created Contracts.
    Then, in the upper right corner, click on + CREATE NEW > CONTRACT.

  • Fill the fields with the required information: Title, ERP Code, Supplier, Document Type. Click on NEXT to continue.

  • In Contract Data pane: Define the date of effectiveness, form of payment, currency and initial budget of the contract.

  • In Contract Settings: Set the balance control type and the term to receive notifications.

  • In the Items pane: Select the items and define their business conditions.

  • In Contract Fulfillment Regions: Define which plants of the company will be served by this contract. Or activate the toggle to make it available to all plants.

  • In the Contract Document panel: Attach the contract document with the contractual drafts.

  • Finally, add notes or comments in the Comment panel.

  • Publish the Contract after completing all the panels, and in the Tracking panel, check your flow:

  • Following publication, the Buyer may also:
    - Make adjustments in the commercial condition of the item;
    - Cancel the contract.