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Manage your partners and expand your business network with Certify.

 My Register

To update your company's registration, go to My Register;

Click on Edit Register;

Complete the requirements requested in the sections available in the Profile submenu. At each completed section it is important to save the inclusion, to proceed to the next update.


If you wish, you can also update your company's registration with the customer by navigating to My Customers > select the customer you want to update the registration.

This company data is automatically synchronized with the Internal Revenue Service.

The synchronism with the Revenue is an external service and, for this reason, we can not guarantee the proper functioning of the same, even in cases where, apparently, there are no systemic impediments to the sending.

As an option to send invitations, we indicate to use the load by the template of Excel during the period of unavailability.

  • Approved: The company (Supplier/Business Partner) is connected to the Certify and up-to-date with the Buyer/Customer certification process.

  • In Approval: Supplier/Business Partner certification is in approval by the Buyer/Customer.

  • In Check: The documentation sent by the Supplier/Business Partner, for certification, is in conference by the Buyer/Customer.

  • In Update: Any documentation or information requested by the Buyer/Customer, for the approval of the Supplier/Business Partner registration, is being updated.

  • Connected: The company (Supplier/Business Partner) has a basic connection, that is, not homologated in the Certify, with a Buyer / Customer. This connection status is defined based on the registration form associated with the connection (basic or custom forms without approval workflow, will result in connections between companies under this status). With this, the invited company (Supplier/Business Partner) will have to update the registration in the Certify after the acceptance of the invitation of connection.

  • Pending: Supplier/Business Partner received the invitation for certification with Buyer/Customer but has not yet accepted it. 

  • Returned: The documentation sent by the Supplier/Business Partner was not accepted by the Buyer/Customer, and was returned, so that the necessary adjustments can be made.

  • Refused: The documentation sent by Supplier/Business Partner to Buyer/Customer was declined and not approved.

  • Inactive: The Supplier/Business Partner has been blocked by the Buyer/Customer, but not by the Nimbi Network.

Waiting Confirmation - The Administrator user has already approved but the user has not yet accepted or reset the password in the new company;

Validated - The new user of the company has accepted and reset the password;

Discarded - Request for access was generated via another action, in duplicate form, thus discarding the others after approval;

Pending Approval - The request is awaiting acceptance of the company’s account Administrator at Nimbi Network;

Refused - Request was declined by the company account Administrator at Nimbi Network.


The status will be available in My To-Dos > Request For Accesses.

To delete contacts from your company, navigate to My Register;

Click on Edit register and in the Profile sub-menu select the Contacts option;

Click on Actions in List, select the contact you want to delete and click on Delete


Although the operation is carried out through your registration with a specific customer, as it is basic data, such data are updated with all customers.


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Still needs help?


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