How do I accept an invitation and publish my registration?

How do I accept an invitation and publish my registration?

When receiving an invitation email to connect to the Nimbi network, click on Accept Invitation.

On the Accept Invitation page, select whether to connect with the company that envies the invitation in Accept or Refuse.

Once this is done, a message will be sent to the invitation email to set the access password.

Important: Your login will be the same email address where the invitation was received, and if you can't find the message in your inbox, check your spam and deleted emails.

In the received message, click on the Reset Password link and create a password according to the parameters exposed, finishing the operation by clicking on Reset Password.

Remark: When accessing Rede Nimbi for the first time, carefully read the terms of use of the platform and, if you agree, select the check box and click on Accept.

After confirming your registration, you need to fill in your company details.

To do so, access the Nimbi Network, carefully read the administrator user term, indicating your knowledge in the designated field, and click Next.

Use the Adminstrators panel if you want to add new admins to your company registry. To do so, click on Add New Administrator, enter the name and e-mail of the desired users and click on Next.

Navigate to My Customers > select the company that sent you the invitation.

Click on Edit Register,

Fill in your company information and click Save.