How do I accept or refuse an Order?

How do I accept or refuse an Order?

Navigate to My To-Dos > Orders > Order Lists which will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, pending and click on the desired order.

If you would like to see more information about the item, click on its ERP Code, a # followed by a number.

After reviewing all required information, click Accept or Refuse.

In the Accept Order popup, enter your referral code, if any; and a comment, if necessary.

Just below, you will find the available orders in a list and if you want to Download orders, select it through the selection box and click Download Order.

Important: When attempting to accept the order, if it is a Follow Up order, go to the Items panel > Select the Follow Up option > Select the desired order > click the Complete Step link to complete the acceptance step.

Remark: If you wish to return, after clicking on the respective button, you must inform the reason for the return and include a comment. Finally, click Confirm to complete the action.

If you wish, you can accept multiple orders in the received orders list, select the orders you want to accept and click the link > Accept.

If all selected orders are in Pending Acceptance status, a popup will appear to add a comment and click Confirm.

Remark: In bulk acceptance, it is not possible to include a reference code for orders.