How do I create an RFQ?

How do I create an RFQ?

  • Access the system and go to the Negotiate application.
  • Select the Manager module, check the flag of the request or the desired item, click ACTIONS > GENERATE RFQ. Confirmation that the RFQ was generated appears on the screen.

  • To finalize and send the RFQ go to the Negotiate application.

  • In the module RFQ Quotes, click the title of the generated RFQ Created.

  • Edit RFQ, in the main panel:
    1. Title: Set a name for your RFQ;
    2. Envelope: Set the type of envelope.
    Open means the Purchaser can view the answers to the vendor as submitted, and Closed means that only when everyone has answered or the expiration time has already ended.

    1. In Currency, indicate the type of currency that the supplier can answer within this quote.
    2. In Schedule, set the length of the RFQ, start date being the opening date and end date being the closure date.

    1. In Attributes is possible that the Purchaser indicates the desired type of shipping.
    2. In Items, click on the link in the description to change the desirable date and the reference price for the unit of the item. Knowing that it is not obligatory to make this change.

  • In the Items panel display the items added to the Request, if you want to delete an item, mark the flag and then click Delete.

  • In the Participants area, choose the companies that will participate in the RFQ.
    Simply select a group or one by one, and click on the + icon.
    Your company must be connected to another company within the Nimbi network so you can ask them.
    Note: To delete a participant from the list of users previously added, select the desired participant flag and click.

  • Use the panels attachments and comments to include them in the price.
    1. In the Attachments panel you can add files to the Purchaser who will deal with your request. Select the document by clicking the clip and then click ATTACH.
    2. To submit comments, use the Comments panel and click POST COMMENTS. You can change the visibility of the attachment and the comment, click on the combo to set up to Public or Private.
    Public: Visible to my company and suppliers.
    Private: Visible only to my company. Important: If you added an attachment and you want to change the visibility, you must delete it and perform the process again.
    It is possible to edit the comment, where the user can change the visibility within the pop up, or if preferable, also delete it.

  • After filling in all the information, save and send your quote.