How do I Answer an RFQ?

How do I Answer an RFQ?

Access the Nimbi network with your login and password, on the main screen, select the option Negotiate.

After confirming your participation on the RFQ, select the option Received RFx, find the desired quotation and click on its title.

Note: After accepting a RFQ with the status In Progress, will open a panel to answer the RFQ.

Verify the RFQ data such as delivery and invoicing data, for instance.

On the Schedule panel, you can view the beginning and end date of the desired RFQ besides the deadline for submitting your answer. On Annexes, you can view all documents which the buyers inserted in quotation.

If the Buyer sent any comments, you can view it on Comments panel.

Filling out your proposal is made on the panel Cycle, where the number means which cycle your RFQ is in.

On the example below, we are in the first cycle (Cycle 01).

1 - In Shipping Attributes, Choose the desired delivery method.

2 - In Currency, choose the currency for answering the RFQ.

Remark: If your client uses Systax, read the warnings carefully to fill in the corresponding fields;

3 - In Items, specify the expiration date of your proposal, At the blank space Expiration date, if you prefer, you can use the calendar;

4 - At the same panel, below the description label, Click on the desired item and specify: price, deadlines and taxes.

Fill in unit price and deadline in days. In order to insert comments and annexes, use the equivalent links, placed on the top of the screen. After you have finished filling out the requested blanks, click on Save. Repeat all the previous steps on the remained items of this RFQ by clicking at the magnifying glass icon (search) of each item.

After filling out all items on this RFQ, you can insert annexes and commentary for this negotiation, using the panel, Annexes and Comments, respectively. When you complete filling in all obrigatory spaces, click on Save proposal, then click on Submit proposal to submit your proposal.

After submitting your proposal, a message saying that your quotation has been published successfully will appear and the cycle is going to change from Pending to Answered.


It is possible to send multiple answers until the end date of a RFQ, but only the last one will be valid.

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