How can I register a User of my company on the Nimbi Network?

How can I register a User of my company on the Nimbi Network?

To add a user to your company on the Nimbi Network is very easy. Access the system and go to Settings >  Users.

To register a new user, go to the Users section, click Add and choose the One User option.

Select a profile photo by clicking Change Profile Image;

In the Identification panel, fill in the required fields, marked with red start. They are:

  1. First Name - Enter the user name
  2. Last Name - Enter the last name of the user
  3. E-mail - Inform the user's e-mail, remembering that the e-mail will be the access login.

In the Access Credentials panel, in the field Standard Application, select the option Certify then click ADD.

When you click Add, the system displays the registration message successfully and the user will be registered in the user list for the company.

After creating the user, you need to define what will be his/her permission in the system. To do this, go to the Permissions option.

Click Settings, in the profile configuration screen, select the profile that this user needs to have in the system, and click save to store the selected information.

When you click save, the system displays the setup message successfully saved, and in the Profiles column you can see which profiles the user is associated.

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