How to request access to the administrator of a company already registered in Nimbi Network?

How to request access to the administrador of a company already registered in Nimbi Network?

Access our site at then click on Login;

You navigation will be redirected to the login page, click on Don’t have an account?, Create one now;

Fill out the requested fields as shown below:
 - Your email; it will also be used as your username.
 - Country of your business;
 - Your Tax Number;
 - Corporate Name;
 - City;
 - Address;
 - Site;
 - Click Next in order to continue;

Fill in your Name and e-mail; Click on Request Access;

The administrator, who is responsible for registering your company on Nimbi Network, will receive a notification regarding your request for access to the portal.
After approval by the administrator, you will receive an email where you will need to click on Access Here.

Navigation will be redirected to the account activation page where it is necessary to fill in the Password. Password Confirmation fields according to the criteria below;
Choose a secure and easy to remember password. It must contain at least 6 digits with no spaces.
Can not be started by a number. Must contain at least 3, of the 4 characteristics below:
- an uppercase letter;
- a lowercase letter;
- a number;
- a special symbols / character: { ? [ ] , . ; : " @ / # $ % & () + - = }
After setting your access password, click Activate Account.

Ready! It is now possible to access your company's registration in the portal.