How do I register on the Nimbi network?

How do I register on the Nimbi network?

To register on the Nimbi Network, access and click on the link: I am not registered, Create one now.

Fill in the requested fields, including e-mail (this e-mail will be your login), country, (CNPJ)Taxnumber, and your Company name. Click Next to have the registration message sent to your email.

When accessing the registration message received by e-mail, click on the link Access here to complete the activation of your Rede Nimbi account.

To register the password, follow the rules shown on the right side of the screen and finish the operation by clicking on Activate account.

Carefully read the administrator's disclaimer, if you agree, check the flag and click Accept.

By activating the account, your company will be ready to be invited to participate in new connections and negotiations. In the Administrators step, the data of the user who is registering his company in the Nimbi Network will be informed. This user will be registered as the Administrator of your company's Nimbi account. If the company has other administrator users, click on the Add New Administrator link, fill in the information with the data of the users that will be created and click Next.

To complete the registration and accept the terms of use, confirm the information displayed and click Finish.