How to create a Service Entry Sheet (SES) in the Buy application

How to create a Service Entry Sheet (SES) in the Buy application

Attention: To create the Measurement, there must be at least one item classified as a service.

Navigate to Buy > Orders > select the desired order.

Important: Service Measurements will always be taken on orders with an Approved – Accepted status.

Check the Reference Documents panel and click on the Measurements tab > Create SES;

On the New Measurement page in the General panel, fill in the fields such as Title and Responsible User.

The user will be responsible for validating the measurements, and may be the contract manager or supervisor;

In the Measurement Period panel, add the period that your measurement covers.

In the Items panel, select an item group for your measurement. You will be able to choose specific items within the selected item group.

When complete, click Save and view the order items to measure.

Remark: This field is editable only when the measurement is in Composition or Returned status. To exclude items from measurement, click the box to the left of the order and click Exclude.

In the Qty column. Measure, enter information about the measured service. Then go to Final Measurement and select:

- Yes, to confirm this measurement as a Final Measurement;

- No, if you want to define this measurement as Final Measurement.

Remark: After this action, the order will not accept new measurements.

Use the Attachments and Comments panels to add additional data to the measurement.

If you want to change the visibility of the attachment and the comment, click on the combo to set whether it will be Public or Private.

In the “Tracking” panel, the measurement status changes and the users responsible for the changes will be logged.

At the end of the operation, click Save to save the mediation changes or Submit to submit your measurement.