How do I find an order received?

How do I find an Order received?

In the My Historic module; access the Orders option, view all orders that will be listed;

  • You can sort by "Last created date" or "First created date".
  • You can also search by Order Status.
  • You can identify New Orders Waiting to be Accepted, Updated Orders Waiting to be Accepted, and Orders Accepted on the home panel.

  • If you want to check the orders received by your company, navigate to My To-Dos > Orders:

  • Just below you will find the available orders in a list and if you want to download the orders, select it through the selection box and click on Download the order.

Remark: If the order has been sent by your customer through Follow up, when searching for the order, click on it and in the Items panel, select the Follow up tab > click on the link in the Description column;

In the FUP DETAILS Panel, you can view the entire progress of the order.