How to answer an RFQ?

How to answer an RFQ?

Access the RFQ in My To-Dos > Negotiation;

Scroll the mouse cursor down and find the RFQ in the list of processes that will be displayed at the bottom of the screen;

Click on the title of the desired negotiation; make sure that the RFQ is delegated to your user in the Responsible field.

Before responding to your quote values, check the Schedule, Attachments, and Comments panels to find any additional data submitted by your customer to assist you in responding to the quote.

If the delivery and billing address is the same for all items, you can check it in the Delivery and Billing data panel.

Your company's response is made in the Cycle panel. To respond to the RFQ, the cycle status must be Pending.

In the Feautures and Currency panels, fill in the shipping and currency data to be used in your answer.

Remark: If your client uses Systax, read the warnings carefully to fill in the corresponding fields;

In Items, enter the validity date of your proposal in the Proposal Expiration field;

In the List of Items to be quoted, click on the link of the respective item in the column Description, to access the response panel.

Within the View Item response panel, navigate through the available tabs, making sure to fill in all mandatory fields (marked with *) and optional fields, if necessary.

Click Save and Continue to save the changes and proceed to the other items, or Save to only save the changes for the respective item.

Important: If you have an item that will not be quoted by your company, select the item's line through the selection box and click on Decline Item.

Include complementary data to your negotiation response using the Attachments and Comments panels, present within the Cycle panel.

Click Save proposal to save the changes and Submit proposal to submit your proposal to the client.


It is possible to send multiple answers until the end date of a RFQ, but only the last one will be valid.