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Frequently Asked Questions

titleCustomer | Supplier

titleWhat is Advance?

The supply chain finance module that allows the prepayment of receivables to suppliers and extending the payment by buyers, optimizing working capital and cash flow for both parties.

In Advance you can:

  • Create your own investment fund;

  • Anticipate receivables at rates below the market;

  • Optimize working capital and cash flow for buyers and suppliers;

  • Enable suppliers to anticipate receivables according to their cash needs;

  • Strengthen the relationship with suppliers through financial health, in addition to enabling the negotiation of discounts and better forms of payment.


How to realize an Anticipation?

titleWhat are the statuses for approval with the Financial at Advance?
What are the statuses for approval with the Financial at Advance?
  • Homologation Not Started: The homologation process with the financial institution has not started;

  • Pending Documentation: One or more documents requested by the finance company are pending publication;

  • Documentation Analyzing: The documents sent are being analyzed by the financial department;

  • Documentation Denied: One or more documents forwarded were denied by the Financial company;

  • Compliance Analyzing: Your registration is being analyzed;

  • Compliance Approved: Your registration has been pre approved with the Financial;

  • Compliance Denied: Your registration was refused and you cannot proceed with the approval;

  • Approved: Your company is approved by the Financial company;

  • Refused: Your approval was refused by the Financial company.

titleHow do I consult the documents requested for my company in Advance?

To consult the documents and forms requested for your company, go to Advance > Documents.

It is possible to search for the desired documents by the search field, file status or through the list of documents.

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titleHow to consult my anticipations?

To consult the advances made,go to Advance and then to Advances menu.

It is possible to search for the advances made through the Anticipation Number, Drawee (Client), Fund (Inst. Financial) or by the status of the process.

You can export your search by clicking Export.

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titleWhat are the Anticipation statuses?
  • In Composition: The anticipation is being built construction and can be edited;

  • Analyzing: The request has been completed and is undergoing verification with the financial department;

  • Authorized: The finance company authorized all advance payment securities;

  • Partially Authorized: All titles were analyzed and one or more titles of anticipation were rejected;

  • Denied: All Anticipation titles were refused;

  • Accepted: The proposal was accepted by the assignor;

  • Declined: The contract was not signed with the finance company;

  • Canceled: The request has been revoked;

  • Signed: The securities purchase agreement was signed;

  • Liquidated: The advance was approved and paid.